APSIS Seminars

Build your expertise by attending one of our popular seminars, listening to our email experts and mingling with other professionals - for absolutely no cost at all.

November 3 - Coffee & Networking with APSIS (Hong Kong)

Join us for a relaxed and conversational afternoon session where, instead of one-sided knowledge-sharing, you get to discuss and interact with our digital marketing consultant about the latest trends and best practices of email design. We will also walk you through why is it important for businesses to get started with data-driven marketing and marketing automation.


September 20 - Boosting customer loyalty and results with data-drive marketing (Singapore)

Data-driven smart marketing offers tremendous opportunities for both marketers and the organisations they work for. However, these new opportunities also bring challenges in planning, technology and internal work.

With this seminar, we want to give you a clear picture of what data-driven marketing is, what opportunities are available and how you can deal with the most common challenges.

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September 22 - Boosting customer loyalty and results with data-drive marketing (Hong Kong)

Data. Such a small word, with so big implications. We have so much of it, yet we’re still not using it the way we could. Harnessed properly, data-driven smart marketing can power our email marketing, CRM interactions, social engagement and so much more… Which is why we’re proud to present you with our brand new seminar: How can you succeed with data-driven marketing?

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