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Take your data-driven marketing to the next level by adding real-time customer data into the mix! Personalise, retarget, analyse - and boost your marketing impact like never before.

Simplify your email and marketing automation

What happens when we mix your ambition with our insight? It's simple. Your audience, your business, your brand: all of them start growing stronger than ever.

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Grow your business with us

We want to help you become better. Whether it’s by automating your digital marketing, engaging your audience, or expanding your business. Just let us know what you need.

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Automate your workflows, save your resources

Join the digital revolution and enjoy the many benefits of marketing automation: streamlined processes, saved time and energy, increased sales and more.

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Create newsletters easily

Simple, reliable, scalable, automated. Our APSIS Pro solution for email marketing is all these things and more: not only does it provide an easy-to-use interface for building your newsletters, but it also lets you create personalised, yet automated sendings.

Want to automate your marketing?

For marketers today, being able to send the right message to the right person at the right time is essential. This is why we've developed our APSIS Trigger: a solution to provide you with an intuitive platform for designing and building advaned multi-channel journeys to capture, nuture and engage with your target audience.

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Looking for something more?

We have 15 years’ worth of know-how about email marketing, marketing automation and lead management - in short, anything you may need to increase your business. All you need to do is ask.

Welcome to the future!

The e-commerce industry is rich with possibilities for marketers - and more features are born every day. Stay ahead of the curve with our APSIS Ecom solution, designed especially for businesses wanting to have the edge over others.



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“Both sales and support teams at APSIS are very responsive to our requests, they went above and beyond to help address problems we encountered in a timely and professional manner.”

- 3M Hong Kong, Manager, Corporate Marketing & Public Affairs

The APSIS Pro platform works like magic for me

Dale Carnegie, a training and consulting services provider, wanted to take on a reliable platform for creating their email communication, event flows and other types of marketing communications. APSIS Pro helped them to integrate their email marketing with their event managment process to enhance relationships with their clients.

Satisfied customers: more sales

Shipping company Færgen was looking for a way to increase customer satisfaction without overwhelming their own resources. After using APSIS Pro Trigger, they saw a rise in customer satisfaction and an onboard sales increase of EUR 100,000+.

Know your customers, cut your costs

Nordic Sugar, Scandinavia’s leading sugar supplier, wanted to communicate across 3 business areas in 7 languages and still give their sales team effective feedback. With APSIS Pro, they reduced distribution costs and generated accurate insights into their customers' needs to facilitate their marketing campaign.

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