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Posted 14th December 2018 by Jess

6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

2018 is coming to an end, and we’re about to turn the page towards a new year with new goals, possibilities and expectations. But what might 2019 bring for marketing automation, data-driven marketing and the legal climate? Our experts deliver the possible answers!

Tags: Marketing Automation, E-commerce, Data-Driven Marketing, Lead Management

Posted 30th October 2018 by Jess

Infographic: The Stats You Need to Maximise Sales for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching, how can you get on top of the numbers and create sales that break the internet? We’ve created an infographic with an accompanying post to guide you through the jungle!

Tags: E-commerce

Posted 27th July 2018 by Jess

8 Tips to Get Started with SMS Marketing

SMS is a quick and personal way to capture customer attention and to get your message across. But how can you use the medium to boost your marketing? We'll deliver the answer!

Tags: E-commerce, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 26th March 2018 by Jess

11 E-commerce, Marketing Automation and MarTech Expert Predictions for 2018

Let our experts in e-commerce, marketing automation and marketing technology: Sofie Bjerkefeldt, Wilhelm Sahlberg and James Carter deliver their predictions for 2018 so you can get a head start!

Tags: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, E-commerce, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 26th March 2018 by Jess

Low Conversion Rates on Your Ecommerce? Here are 10 Common Problems

Does your e-commerce business suffer from a high bounce rate? Our e-commerce evangelist Sofie Bjerkefeldt walks you through 10 challenges that complicate the journey from visitor to customer.

Tags: E-commerce

Posted 26th March 2018 by Jess

4 Emails That Enhance Your Customer Journey

The digital customer journey is having a golden moment. And with good reason. Even the evolving customer journeys can be improved in a few, fairly straightforward ways, find out the 4 emails that will do the job.

Tags: Email Marketing, E-commerce

Posted 15th September 2017 by Jess

What's Email Retargeting & Why Should You Care?

Email enthusiasts been throwing around this phrase for years - but do we actually know what it is? If not, it’s time to find out - apparently 2017 is the year it’s supposed to gain a new significance.

Tags: Email Marketing, E-commerce, Data-Driven Marketing, Lead Management

Posted 8th June 2017 by Jess

E-Com Series Part 3: Enrich the Customer Experience with Advanced E-commerce Recovery

Find out how a RFM frame of analysis will take your e-commerce strategy to a whole new level of customer retention and cost-efficiency.

Tags: E-commerce, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 23rd May 2017 by Jess

E-Com Series Part 2: The Dos and the Don’ts of E-commerce Recovery

With the right tools and analysis, the lengthy process of data collection will rekindle the interest of lost shoppers. So here’s the million-dollar question: how can you get your e-commerce recovery just right?

Tags: E-commerce

Posted 12th April 2017 by Jess

Abandoned shopping carts: Back to Basics

Global e-commerce is booming, which means that it's time for marketers to learn more about abandoned carts.

Tags: E-commerce


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