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Posted 14th December 2018 by Jess

6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

2018 is coming to an end, and we’re about to turn the page towards a new year with new goals, possibilities and expectations. But what might 2019 bring for marketing automation, data-driven marketing and the legal climate? Our experts deliver the possible answers!

Tags: Marketing Automation, E-commerce, Data-Driven Marketing, Lead Management

Posted 30th October 2018 by Jess

Marketing Automation: Beyond the Buzzwords

Marketing automation is an scalable and powerful tool that can unleash great digital marketing with less effort. However, in the midst of all that popularity, buzz and misconceptions tend to hit the surface. That’s why we took it upon us in our last seminar to go beyond the buzz and present marketing automation as it truly is. From abstract to palpable in a short three hour session. Let’s have a look!

Tags: Marketing Automation, Data-Driven Marketing, Lead Management

Posted 26th June 2018 by Jess

Top 5 Marketing Automation Trends for 2018

Our Digital Marketing expert Wilhelm Sahlberg guides you through his top 5 trends in marketing automation that are transforming from buzzwords into must-haves.

Tags: Marketing Automation, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 26th June 2018 by Jess

5 Automated Transactional Emails That Maximize Business Value

Your CRM system is the vessel that contains valuable customer insights. So, how can you create true business value with triggered transactional emails? Our integrations evangelist delivers the answer!

Tags: Integrations, Marketing Automation, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 26th March 2018 by Jess

11 E-commerce, Marketing Automation and MarTech Expert Predictions for 2018

Let our experts in e-commerce, marketing automation and marketing technology: Sofie Bjerkefeldt, Wilhelm Sahlberg and James Carter deliver their predictions for 2018 so you can get a head start!

Tags: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, E-commerce, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 22nd February 2018 by Jess

4 Marketing Automation Myths and Why They are Wrong

Whenever new trends hit the market, questions and confusions also become part of the equation. Does marketing automation make marketers lazy? And does it make branding message more robotic? We'll sort out these myths for you!

Tags: Marketing Automation

Posted 11th December 2017 by Jess

7 Tips to Boost Your Content with Marketing Automation

Content is king. However, in order to grace your content strategy with a crown, you need to ensure that it achieves optimal relevance – and maximised ROI. We'll guide you through seven tested tips on how marketing automation boosts your content marketing!

Tags: Marketing Automation, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 21st November 2017 by Jess

3 Larger-Than-Life Marketing Automation Examples

To some ears, marketing automation may still sound a bit fresh and advanced. When in reality, it's quite simple: the purpose of marketing automation is to make the marketing and sales process more effective with automation. The question is: how?

Tags: Marketing Automation, Data-Driven Marketing

Posted 16th November 2017 by Jess

Marketing Automation: 5 Next-Level Strategies

Our Commercial Product Manager, Wilhelm Sahlberg, guides you through a few examples of marketing automation strategies that’ll help you in the way to set your plan in motion towards automated success!

Tags: Marketing Automation

Posted 19th October 2017 by Jess

Why Marketing Automation Matters - Today And In the Future

Imagine a world where marketing is completely automated. Sounds like a utopian reality? Not quite. Marketing automation is a solution that helps you do more, in less time and with better results. Curious?

Tags: Marketing Automation


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