APSIS Pro for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing. Integrate APSIS Pro with your Dynamics CRM to engage your customers and increase your company’s efficiency.

Engage your customers

Everyone knows that personalised and relevant content is the best way to engage your leads and customers. The challenge is having the customer data from your CRM system available when you create your marketing communication. APSIS Pro for Dynamics CRM bridges this gap by transferring your customer data to your email marketing campaigns.

This integration also feeds Dynamics CRM with valuable behaviour data such as Clicks, Opens and Event registrations. This way, you will be able to segment your customers and engage them with relevant content based on their interest in your services.

Be more efficient

Manually filling in customer and lead data in your CRM is a time-consuming task that reduces your resources’ efficiency. With APSIS Pro for Dynamics CRM, you will not only eliminate a lot of manual work by automating repetitive tasks, but you will also be able to streamline your sales and marketing processes. 

Set up workflows that act on the data from both APSIS Pro and Dynamics CRM, or create dynamic marketing lists that segment your customers based on their responses to APSIS products. All these features are available from a single sign-in that integrates APSIS with Dynamics CRM. The result? A more efficient way of managing your leads and customers!

Analyse your sales and marketing efforts

Having a clear understanding of your previous campaign results is key to optimising your next sales and marketing efforts. How many leads, customers and orders did your last campaign generate? These questions are easy to answer with our Dynamics CRM integration that allows you to set up Reports, Charts and Dashboards based on data generated from your APSIS tool.


What we offer

  • A two-way integration between APSIS Pro and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for versions 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016 (including both Online and On-premise)

  • Automated synchronisation of contacts and leads from Dynamics CRM to APSIS

  • Responses from APSIS automatically pushed to Dynamics CRM
Transactional email for Dynamics CRM integration

APSIS Transactional email

By using our APSIS Transactional Email integration, your Dynamics CRM will be able to automatically send an APSIS email based on almost any data. In addition to this, you are able to personalise your sendings with data from your CRM in a flexible and user-friendly solution. This lets use your data from both standard and custom entities to maximise the relevance and engagement for your customer. Use this integration to send out:

  • Order confirmation emails
  • Booking confirmations
  • Subscription or agreement renewals
  • Reminders

The combined power of APSIS Transactional email and Dynamics CRM allows your CRM to send relevant content, drive customer engagement, increase interaction and boost revenue for your business.

Integrated event management

By adding all of your APSIS Pro Event data to your Dynamics CRM system, our integration will simplify your event management too, by having all participant data updated continuously in a single platform.

  • See who has been invited and who received a reminder in your CRM.
  • Get updates on registrations, cancellations and other information in your CRM shortly after the event participants have responded to the invitation. 
  • Utilise the event registration to collect additional information and use this in your CRM.
  • Add event participants that are not registered in your CRM as new Leads or Contacts.

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