Boost your sales with product recommendations

APSIS Ecom Product Recommendations cater to your customers’ needs and interests by reminding them of the products they love.

The perfect match at the perfect time

Use our APSIS Ecom Product Recommendations feature to customise all your bulk sendings to leads and customers, with recommendations based on the products each individual visitor recently browsed, carted or purchased. Or, if you prefer, you can also let your complete customer base decide which products deserves some extra attention with crowd-sourced recommendations - like "Our Favourite Products", for example!

Measure and evaluate your results directly in APSIS Ecom to keep things simple and structured. And the best part? APSIS Ecom Product Recommendation is a managed service: once you’re on board, we will guide you through the complete campaign process.

Highly personalised recommendations

Each time a specific person browses your site, adds an item to their shopping cart or purchases something - you get a new piece of data about their behaviour. APSIS Ecom Product Recommendations gives you the opportunity to turn this data into action. Take this chance to send highly personalised emails that match your customers’ interests perfectly, based on their activity in your online store.

APSIS Ecom Product Recommendations also provides you with a fallback option - so that even if your customer data is missing for some reason, you can still recommend products based on popularity, how recently they've been viewed etc.

Crowd-based suggestions for an overall approach

APSIS Ecom Product Recommendations also gives you the opportunity to base your recommendations on the purchase habits of your entire customer base. Dig deep into the purchasing or cart abandonment trends of your visitors to discover which products they will find most relevant when you send them an email - then see your click-through rates rise!

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