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“Both sales and support teams at APSIS are very responsive to our requests, they went above and beyond to help address problems we encountered in a timely and professional manner."

--Manager, Corporate Marketing & Public Affiars, 3M Hong Kong

“APSIS Pro helps us communicate interactively with our users, members, and supporters. It provides a highquality, analytical picture for us, which lets us know our audience’s interests directly and helps us create a better service/programme to best fit their needs. APSIS Pro is a relatively affordable and reliable communication tool that allows us to have a “trial & error” system in place."

--Manager, Communication & Resource Development, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

“APSIS Pro is a structured eDM system with quite a lot of options you can choose from. APSIS’ system is stable and you can get comprehensive reports. We are satisfied with the platform for the past few years.”

--Sales & Marketing Director, Wall Street Institute

“We were thankful for the APSIS team’s help in setting up our email template in APSIS Pro. From trainings to technical support, their patience and professionalism in responding to our inquiries benefited our business significantly. Their ideas, input, and enthusiasm were most helpful, and have since assisted us in making better email marketing.”

--Marketing Coordinator, MicroForest

“APSIS helps us be more streamlined and professional in our communication efforts, which is so important for a small organisation trying to make a difference. It's a tool that helps us reach our growing community easily, and understand them better while we're at it. We recommend APSIS to anyone who has something to share, and wants to get the most out of their communications!”

--Managing Director and Founder, Ecovision Asia

“The support team at APSIS is very helpful. They can give us advice very quickly, whenever we need!”

--Assistant Digital Marketing Manager, L'Occitane Hong Kong

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