Our leading team

Every company needs leaders. We happen to have six strong ones.

Anders Frankel

As founder and CEO Anders has been a part of APSIS from the very first day - literally! He is a passionate marketer and works to simplifying the life of digital marketers with powerful and user-friendly technologies.

Kim Mortensen

Kim joined APSIS in 2011 as an Indirect Sales Director, before becoming CPO, COO and now Vice CEO. He has a degree in business administration and brings deep industry knowledge and 8 years of email marketing experience to the company.

Anders Hilmansson

Anders is our interim CFO. He joined APSIS in 2015 as Legal Counsel and played a versatile key role in the development of APSIS. Anders is structured, analytic and excels with his energy and grit.

Mattias Ward | Product Director, APSIS Profile Cloud

Mattias Ward

Mattias founded Innometrics after a decade spent in marketing on the agency, client and technology vendor side. He co-created Innometrics to make a real difference in the way online business is run through profile-based marketing.

Marika Bertilsson

Marika has been a crucial part of APSIS since 2010. Her role has evolved from recruitment to the strategic development of APSIS' most important asset: the people. Marika has over 15 years of HR experience, both as a manager and consultant.

Alfred Gerum

Alfred joined APSIS in 2016, bringing 20 years of software industry knowledge with him. He has worked with digital transformations for many Fortune 500 companies, especially in the fashion and luxury industry. Alfred has an extreme passion for CX and team development.

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