18 years

of experience in email marketing


dedicated people worldwide

3 600+

clients across 50 countries

About us

We are APSIS. Founded in 2001 by a Swedish digital marketing visionary, we are now 290 individuals working for more than 3 600 clients across 50 countries around the world. We are here to help, encourage and support you and your digital marketing needs. 

We are APSIS

APSIS is about progress. Taking simple steps that turn into great strides, moving you and your business into the future.

APSIS is about growth. Automated systems informing you about your customers' behaviour, so you can focus on your business.

APSIS is about reach. Easy access to your markets, guaranteed by the single most effective tool in digital marketing: email.

APSIS is about people. Individuals sharing knowledge about digital marketing, lead management and marketing automation, so that you and your business can evolve the way it deserves to.

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